Boru Tri Club hits the water

A great weekend for swimming this weekend of the Killaloe Water Festival with 2 swim events hosted by Boru Tri Club.

As always we would like to thank our supporters and all the swim nuts who swam in the dark and down the river this weekend, from local clubs Go Tri, Nenagh TC,  Limerick TC and Limerick Masters along with other friends of the club who braved the waters.

PIER TO BEER was a roaring success with a great turnout and glow sticks a plenty. The brave floating heads swimming down the canal in the dark were supported by Boru Tri Club members on the shore and also received great support from  Killaloe Coast Guard Unit and cheered on by the many spectators.

The BOAT TO BRIDGE SWIM (garmined at just under 3km) was  a great success today, a lovely spin up the river with much thanks to all our boat crews, and then the obligatory dive in and swim home – there was a lovely flow on the river today, next year , swimmers, you can swim up AND swim down, wear yourselves out properly!
Even though it was not a race – the swim was just for sh*ts and giggles and the love of the epic long swim- as always its all friendly till someone says “GO”, then the mood changes! (not competitive at all are ye?)

First swimmer home was Ross Higgins in a ridiculously fast 30 mins, followed by joint second of Maeve Ryan (in skins!!!)  and Paschal Phelan at 31mins neck and neck at the final stretch. Well done to  everyone who swam this weekend.

Its important to note that this weekend’s events would not have taken place without a lot of planning and support from Boru Chairman Michael Kelly for organising the boat crews, kayakers – Ed Field, Des O’Donnell and Diarmuid for assisting the swimmers out  and the Bracken Crew for event prep, registration and timing,

Special thanks to Killaloe Coastguard Unit for the water support, Killaloe Water Festival for their kind back up and volunteers Anouk Delimata, David O’Brien and KWF team,  Martin Pearl,, Dorothy Walsh, JJ Kennedy, Michael Conroy, Diarmuid Kelly, Liam Lynch, and Brendan Foley for giving of their free time, their bodies and their boats on a wettish weekend and thanks also Orla Foley and My-Pat Minogue for navigation and timing.

Many thanks to Charlie McGeever Photography for coming down with camera to capture the events – some spectacular images to follow.