Bike Route


Looped Route

  1. Exit T1 at Abbey House, Mount line to left, out of main traffic, cycle around traffic island and turn left onto R463 toward O’Briensbridge cross
  2. Turn LEFT at O’Briensbridge cross – caution through the village – no passing zone from hump bridge to end of straight bridge
  3. Follow route and turn RIGHT over bridge
  4. Continue on far side of bridge to Castleconnell R525
  5. At “the commons” cross roads approx 1km after railway bridge, turn LEFT towards R445 (formerly N7)
  6. Turn LEFT at R445 (formerly N7) – caution, this is a steep junction
  7. Cycle through Birdhill village to Birdhill Roundabout, take first exit R494 for Ballina/Killaloe 4km
Roads are OPEN with flowing traffic so in the interest of safety of all competing please follow rules of the road and guidance from Gardai and marshalls.