Run Route


Beautiful Run Around Killaloe & Ballina NEW REVISED ROUTE!

  1. Exit T2
  2. Take the waterside path along towards the bridge – then just before the bridge – take a hard RIGHT up the stone steps for a little anaerobic kick!
  3. Turn Left at the road to corner opposite McKeoghs supermarket, turn left onto bridge – take care here
  4. STAY ON PATH ON LEFT over bridge – CAUTION TRAFFIC – no passing zone on bridge (safety first)
  5. Turn left at Killaloe end of bridge along Royal Parade past Bank and Cathedral – Stay on left
  6. Pass T1 – take left for Clarisford Park
  7. Enter Clarisford Park, Turn LEFT
  8. LEFT again run Clockwise around outer circuit
  9. At water end of park – Turn Right up between the pitches along sprint track
  10. Sweep left at top around outer ring back down toward water
  11. Exit at large gate and take straight road back out of park
  12. Run back to finish in Killaloe