Monday and Wednesday – Open Water Swims (Summer Season only)

6.30pm  at the Slipway at Twomilegate – Boru members meet up for a sociable open water swim. This can be short and sweet around the buoys or off to yonder shore. Wetsuit is optional (but preferable) and a bright coloured hat is necessary.

The aim is to encourage swimming in company rather than solo and to enjoy the distance that open water swimming can allow. It may also include a run or bike brick session – keep an eye on the Member Chat page for updates

Wednesday – Pure Turbo (Autumn/Winter/Spring Season only)

8pm sharp AnnaCarriga Pavillion led by our worthy Cycling Coordinator Colin Byrne and Paul Dorrell. Sessions are designed to improve cycling fitness by working on Anaerobic threshold and generally putting some cycling hairs on your chest. As the evenings get brighter and drier we will be adding in brick sessions such as bike/run, swim/run and more!

For this session you need Road bike, turbo trainer, towel and your good legs.

Thursday – Night Run@ Clarisford

7.15pm Thursdays in Clarisford Park unless stated otherwise on main Boru facebook page. Session entails interval training for different training effects every week and aiming for the next training goals like preparations for events. Clarisford is a safe location on a closed running track in beautiful surroundings. All levels are catered for due to nature and location of the session, you work at your level/pace to the best of your ability as directed by our resident Running Coordinator Gary Madden. Please wear a head torch! (see footage of Clarisford here)

Saturday – Clarisford parkrun

9.30 am start every Saturday hail rain or shine – this is a free, timed run consisting of 5x1k laps of Clarisford Park. Go at your own pace, and try to improve every week. Make it part of your weekly run training. Register free here.

Saturday – Newbie and Junior  spin (must be 16yrs or over) – check the Boru Facebook page weekly for confirmation

This is subject to confirmation on a weekly basis during the race season. 25-30k spin average – with handy pace. The aim is to learn some group riding skills, get comfortable with the gears and get a base fitness to join with the main Sunday group down the road.

Saturday – Winter season Swim sessions UL pool

First toe in the water at 4.30pm – car pooling from Ballina pool from 3.55pm for those who wish it. Led by Swimming Coordinator Donagh Sullivan, this session is aimed at novice/intermediate swimmers who wish to improve their endurance/times for triathlon swimming. Great swim session with plenty of variety in intensity each week.

Sunday – Sunday Spins

Meet at 8.20 leave at  8.30 am sharp every Sunday from Planet Tri for 50-70k spin (times are subject to weather conditions and will change as mornings get brighter). Sunday Spin route changes from week to week in terrain and distance. Pace is 25-28k average but there is an option there to do smaller loops or create slower groups! The aim would be to finish in time for coffee all in ! All are welcome!

We are also building fitness now towards race season so there will be some fun challenges thrown into the Sunday spins from January on. During the race season, Sunday spins may be less subscribed but all Boru Members are encouraged to use the Boru Member Chat page to share if they are going out for swim/bike or run at any other time – this is private to the Boru Facebook page and open to members only but it enables you to gain a training buddy or 3.

Any queries regarding BORU Tri Training sessions or Membership please contact either Boru Tri Club Facebook page, or email

All sessions are available to Boru Tri Club members. If you are not yet a Boru Tri Club member and are interested in trying out a session, please do come and join us as a Guest visitor (you can do this for up to 3 sessions before joining if you wish) to see if it is what you are looking for in a club.

To continue training with us – we would like to then invite you to join our club as it is an insurance requirement to be a member of Triathlon Ireland and Boru Tri club to take part in Club sessions after 3 guest sessions.

Core Sessions/Pilates/TRX for Swim Cycle Run available with Core specialist and Triathlon Coach, see here for further information.