Boru Tri Club End of year Notes 2022

Hi all,

Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas break.

There are a couple of things coming up to put in your diary and things of note to mention that have been happening in the club in recent times:

Club AGM 

Saturday 19th November 7:30pm -Lakeside Hotel.

The officers elected and Some of the main decisions made were as follows:

Chairperson  :  Martin Pearl 

Treasurer: Lily O’ Dea 

Secretary:  Donagh O Sullivan, 

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer: Brian O’ Brien 

Woman’s Officer – Monica Tupa 

Public Relations Officer: Marie Mitchell 

Social Officer : Camile Slattery 

Training Officers: (See below),

Swimming: Donagh O’ Sullivan

Running: Gary Madden

Cycling: Martin Pearl


(i)Ratification of Club Constitution dated 19 November 2022 . (Donagh O’ Sullivan proposed) -Accepted

(ii) To review the constitution and bring back to AGM next year with changes to bring it more in line with the club as it currently is. (Dave O’Neill proposed) Accepted

(iii) Have new roles in the club for a PRO and a Social Officer (Proposed by Donagh O’ Sullivan)- Accepted

Club Plans and dates for 2023

–        Club Duathlon Sat 25th February

–        Club Aquathon Sat 8th July

–        Club Triathlon Fri 18th Aug

–        Maeve Williamson Memorial Cycle , Sunday 11th June

–        Club Cycle including night away 24th/25th June.

Christmas night out  -10th December O’ Donovans , Ballina,

There was a good turnout for our Christmas party and good fun was had by all. Thanks to Lilly and Martin for the organisation.

Turkey bike race – Unfortunately due to dangerous road conditions this event did not happen this year.

Club Membership 2023

The club have set the membership for as €25 for the coming year. That is the amount the club gets for eeach member that joins. 

In addition to that Triathlon Ireland take €30 for Club Training Membership(Total €55),  €79 for Full membership (Total €104)and €91 for Swim + Membership(Total €116) . Membership can be renewed on the Triathlon Ireland website now or over the coming months. We ask members to try and renew before the new year if possible. Or new members can now join for the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023 for the above prices. 

Training App- TRAIN PACK

Stephen O’ Sullivan recently  launched this training App, to help people find a group to train with or to allow people to join a training session that they plan to go on. Give it a try if it sounds like something you would be interested in or share it with others you know that might like it . Find Training Partners | Train Pack (

Recent Activity: 

This past couple of months   has seen limited activity but things didn’t come to a complete halt . Some of the recent  activities were as follows :

The Border half Marathon- Camile, Joe, Antoinette, Marie Bradwell, Brendan, Ian Madigan, Kevin, Felipe, Seamie, Martin, Monika, 

Triathlon Ireland awards- Lilly and Ciara both were recognised for Age Category awards during 2023. Ciara representing Ireland in Duathlon events in Spain and Romania.

Irish Long Distance Swimming Association Awards- Rosie, recognised as ILDSA Munster Swimmer of the Year 2022.

Gap of Dunloe Marathon-Lilly

Clontarf baths- Ice Swimming- Fiona, Rosin

New York Marathon – Crevan

Kullamannen Trail  run (104km) ,-Sweeden- Mike Kelly

Christmas day swim-

Sorry if I missed events that you were in , or didn’t include you in events you did.

Attached are some pictures of recent activities in the club.  

Some upcoming activities/events  of note are :

New Years Day 10km run- Midday Lakeside Hotel

At Midday on Sunday 1st of January we will have our New years day run. The event is open to people in the locality and there is no entry charge. 

The run starts and finishes at the Lakeside Hotel. There will be refreshments afterwards for those taking part. 

Club Duathlon Sat 25th February

Regular Training: 

 Running (Point of contact Gary Madden)

Gary is starting back on January 3rd the Tuesday night interval sessions in Clarisford park at 7.15pm on Tuesday nights . These are a great way to build up a bit of speed and are a painless event, everyone runs at their own pace.

Cycling: (Point of contact Martin Pearl) 

Starting back Sunday 8th Jan. – Sunday cycles (Target is three groups, but that changes depending on turnout ) 9am from Aldi .  If you’re starting back or new to the club reach out to Martin and he will advise how best to start off.

Club June Cycle: A cycle for all 24th/25th June 2023 -More to follow , as Martin makes plans. Forward your expression of interest to Martin 

 Swimming – (Point of Contact Donagh O’ Sullivan)

We are taking a break from formal activities  for the winter months. Some people keep up training in local pools ,UL, Nenagh, Ennis , Lakeside etc.  It is a good time to take swim lessons for those who want to start or improve their swimming. Reach out to club members Dee Kearney and Wendy Szarnek as they might have ideas or spaces in swim sessions they are putting on over the winter /spring months. 

Duathlon Events will be starting up in coming months and most organisations will have their 2023 calendar of events ready to select some that interest you. A lot of people will have experience of various events , if there is one you are considering doing but would like to know more about put a question on Viber and chances are someone has tried the event before.

Keep safe and enjoy the remainder of the Christmas and New Years break and take the opportunity to put some interesting plans in place for 2023.

Yours in sport, 

Doangh O’ Sullivan


Club Website :

 Boru Tri Club – Swimming, Cycling & Running in Killaloe/Ballina