July 2023 Club Notes

Hi all,

It has been a very buzy season so far and no doubt the next 6-8 weeks will have a lot more activity. Lets hope the summer returns one of these days. Attached find some shots of some people out and about at club training evnets and races.

It is great to see so many new members join in the past few months;Scott Mc Kinlay, Aidan Fleming, Shane Malone, Gareth Taylor, Edel Broderick and David Geraghty . We look forward to meeting you in the months ahead. Please don’t hesitate to come out and join us on the regular training sessions we do, as outlined below. We are not elite and you will see there are all levels in the club, which makes it interesting.

Best Wishes to Lilly O Dea who damaged fingers requiring surgery on the run at the recent Hardman Waterville event. Word on the street is she was spoted last weekend swiming single handedly somewhere around Glengarrif. No surprise there!

There are a couple of things coming up to put in your diary and things of note to mention that have been happening in the club in recent times:

Club Plans and dates for 2023 (Short and medium term)

  • Club Triathlon Fri 18th Aug (possible relay and full training event with refreshments afterwards)
  • Bail and Flail swims (500m, 1km and 3km) Sunday 17th Sept Recent Activity: Some of the recent activities and achievements of club members were as follows :

10th May – Gallbally 4 Mile , Michael Curley Cunningham run

13th May – Run Killarney half Marathon – Darren

14th May – North Tipp Wheelers Lake Spin – David C, Eoin

20th May – Gael Force – Lanesborought Swim 3.1km Fiona , Denis and Dee K 1st Congratulations , 5.8km Bobby

May – Mizen to Malin – Peter Kiely

27th May – Ring de Beara – Mark

    27th May Burren half marathon (see photo) 

27th May – Tour de Conemara, Dave C, Eoin

28th May – Lough Cultra . Podium finishes, Aisling, Lilly and Katrina. Joe and Fiona also there

    3rd June - Triathy - Camile- 1st Triathlon. Congratulations 

4th June – Cork City Marathon – Joe

11th June – Dingle Adventure Race- Mickie (podium finisher congratulations)

11th June Wiclow Way 207km- Lilly and Katrina

14th-15th June – Tour de Grocer 312km – Eoin

18th June Maeve Williamson Round the Lake Memorial spin & BBQ – Great turnout

1st July – Bally alla Mile swim

1st July – Hell of the West (HOTW) Dee K, Bobby, Ciara, Stephen, Garreth

8th July – Waterville Hardman – Lilly, Joe, Monika , Mike K

   16th July - Carraigaholt 1.5km Swim - Bobby, John C, Donagh

June and July 1km open water TT swims at O Briens Bridge

21st July – Club Swim 9 swimmers , Congrats to Yvonne and Joe swimming that distance for the 1st time

    22nd July- Gael Force Lough Derg Swim -Mountshannon 3.9km swim - Denis, John C, Bobby, Dee K, Rosie, Geno

IMRA races variuos- May, June and July

    22nd  July - Tour of Clare- Angela, Camile, Monika, Caroline,Martin, Ian O H, Neil, Joe, Paul, Mark, Crevan, David M & Ester

Within the above there are many first time achievements. Well done all.

Sorry if I missed events that you were in , or didn’t include you in events you did.

Attached are some pictures of recent activities in the club.

Upcoming Training activities/events of note are :

Regular Training:

Running (Point of contact Gary Madden)

Gary interval sessions will resume in September in Clarisford park at 7.15pm on Tuesday nights . These are a great way to build up a bit of speed and are a painless event( if you don’t get carried away with the speed aspect), everyone runs at their own pace.

There are also Thursday 7.15pm interval speed sessions on the track at Clarisford park. These are run by Larry Arthur but Boru Tri members are welcome to attend. These are focussed on speed, short and fast running intervals. Check with Gary as these may not be on each week during the month of August.

Cycling: (Point of contact Martin Pearl)

8am from Aldi every Sunday and 7pm from Aldi on Wednesday evenings

(Target is for three groups, but that changes depending on turnout ). Route is posted on Viber on Saturday evenings or any change to plans as may happen.

If you’re starting back cycling after a long absence or new to the club reach out to Martin and he will advise how best to start off.

Swimming – (Point of Contact Donagh O’ Sullivan)

We will continue outdoor swimming on Thursdays , 6.00pm at Two Mike Gate. Please bring swimbuoys to all club training activities.The plan will be to have a session each Thursday at 6pm at Two Mile Gate, through to mid September. We will use the buoys in front of the Two Mile Gate for these sessions.

  Limerick Tri Club also run an open water session at 6.30pm on Mondays at O' Briens Bridge and they have said we are welcome to join that.               

Events are up and running per the Triathlon Ireland calendar, various run events and cycle sportives and it won’t be long before outdoor swim events start to appear. Hope you set yourself some challenges and enjoy some new and old events. There are a lot of people that will have experience of various events , if there is one you are considering doing but would like to know more about put a question on Viber and chances are someone has tried the event before and give some good advice.

Keep safe on the roads, hills and open water and enjoy the summer days .

Good luck to those taking part in events and new activities in the coming weeks , hope you are sucessful in those that you take on. The Lough Derg Quest will be held in Ballina-Killaloe again this year on Sept 9th, and a number of people are planning Ironman activities in Cork and elsewhere in the coming months. Best wishes to all taking on new challenges.

Yours in sport,

Doangh O’ Sullivan


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