March & April 2023 Club news

Hi all,

 It has been an active start to the season . It is great to see so many new members join in the past few months;Kera Minogue,Owen Edwards, Fintan  Richardson,Keith O’ Sullivan, Mickie Brennan and Kieran Ruane . We look forward to meeting you in the months ahead. Please don’t hesitate to come out and join us on the regular training sessions we do, as outlined below. We are not elite and you will see there are all levels in the club, which makes it interesting.

Best Wishes to Rosin Mc Geever who broke her elbow and required surgery after a fall from a bike during on eof our sunday spins.

In March the club donated €946 to the Brothers of Charity -Killaloe, that were the proceeds of our New years day run a number of years ago. It was gratefully recieved by local man Ross Williams.

There are a couple of things coming up to put in your diary and things of note to mention that have been happening in the club in recent times:

Club Plans and dates for 2023 (Short and medium term)

–       Maeve Williamson Memorial Cycle , Sunday 18th June

–       Club Aquathon Sat 8th July

–        Club swim Fri  21st July (Two Mile Gate – Pier head)

–        Club Triathlon Fri 18th Aug

–        Bail and Flail swims (500m, 1km and 3km)  Sunday 17th Sept    

  Recent Activity: 

 Some of the recent  activities and achievements of club members were as follows :

4th March – Tri Lakes Duathlon – Lilly 

4th March – Bike Maintainance event- Planet Tri 

5th March – Tokyo Marathon – Crevan 

8th March – International womans day- Pontevechio gathering

11th March – Quest Kenmare – Mickie

11th March –  100th IMRA race completed  – Dee F

12th March – Lisbon 1/2 Marathon – Ian M

17th March – St Patricks day parade

18th March – Michael Kelly – Ultra running club talk

19th March – Michael Egan 5miler- Gary

26th March – Mallow 10 Miler- Thanks to Gary for the organisation , Camole, Helen, Monika,Gary, Ian O’H, Ian M, Darren,Crevan, Joe, Donagh

1th April –  Cliffs of Moher cycle – Lilly, Katrina

22nd April  – O Neill Industrial Sportive- Matsie, Paul, Caroline, Camile, Joe, Vinny, Brendan, Eoin , Aisling ,Jane, Eric, Martin, Marie Dave C , Dave O N, Mark Ryan,  Peter M

23rd April – Joey Hannon – Kieran, Mickie, Martin, Gary

23rd April  – Duathlon National Championship – Pheonix park, – Ciara, Stephen, Lilly ( Ciara age category winner, allowinng her represent Ireland next season) 

23rd April – EcoTrail Copenhagen 80km – Michale Kelly

29th April – Ballyhoura Trail IMRA runs- Monika (Marathon), Ruth, Stephen, Donagh (1/2 Marathon)

29th April – Majorca 312 Sportive (recognised as one of the toughest amature sportives in the world) – Neil

30th April- Great Limerick Run – Joe, Ian M, Eoin M (Marathon), Yvonne, Felipe, Ian O’ H, Darren (1/2 Marathon) and Majella (10km)

30th April – Belfast City Marathon – Lilly, Crevan

 Within the above there are many first time achievements. Well done all. 

Sorry if I missed events that you were in , or didn’t include you in events you did. 

Attached are some pictures of recent activities in the club.  

Upcoming Training activities/events  of note are :

Regular Training: 

 Running (Point of contact Gary Madden)

Gary is doing interval sessions in Clarisford park at 7.15pm on Tuesday nights . These are a great way to build up a bit of speed and are a painless event( if you don’t get carried away with the speed aspect), everyone runs at their own pace.

There are also Thursday 7.15pm  interval speed sessions on the track at Clarisford park. These are run by Larry Arthur but Boru Tri members are welcome to attend. These are focussed on speed, short and fast running intervals.

Cycling: (Point of contact Martin Pearl) 

8am from Aldi  every Sunday and 7pm from Aldi on Wednesday evenings

(Target is for three groups, but that changes depending on turnout ). Route is posted on Viber on Saturday evenings or any change to plans as may happen.  

If you’re starting back cycling after a long absence or new to the club reach out to Martin and he will advise how best to start off.

We run a memorial in memory of our club member Maeve Williamson who passed away in early 2021 after a battle with cancel. This is always a great day out for the club and we usually take a break at Portumna Castle for refreshments half way around. Pleas put this one in your calendar Sunday 18th of June, if you are aroung on that day.

 Swimming – (Point of Contact Donagh O’ Sullivan)

We will start outdoor swimming, with kayak support, on Thursday May 18th, 6.00pm.  Please bring swimbuoys to all club training activities.The plan will be to have a session each Thursday at 6pm at Two Mile Gate, through to mid September. We will use the buoys in front of the Two Mile Gate for these sessions. Friday the 21st July is our club swim from Two Mile Gate to Pier head , appoximately 3.5km (current assisted ) swim, one that ever year a coiple of new people set as a target to achieve. Later in the summer on Sunday the 17th of September we will have a club event ;Tri a Swim 500m and 1km and Bail and Flail 3km from Two Mile Gate.

Events are up and running per the Triathlon Ireland calendar, various run events and cycle sportives and it won’t be long before outdoor swim events start to appear.  Hope you set yourself some challenges and enjoy some new and old events. There are a lot of people that will have experience of various events , if there is one you are considering doing but would like to know more about put a question on Viber and chances are someone has tried the event before and give some good advice.

Keep safe on the roads, hills and open water and enjoy the bright summer days .

Good luck to those taking part in events and new activities  in the coming weeks , hope you are sucessful in those that you take on.

Yours in sport, 

Doangh O’ Sullivan


Club Website :

 Boru Tri Club – Swimming, Cycling & Running in Killaloe/Ballina